First Programming Project Part II

Okay, let’s finish this first little program up. In the previous post I wrote a number guessing game and tried to follow the same thought process I did when I was eleven. Now that it works, we want to make some changes so that it’s easier to play and a tad more fun. Validation validate: to establish the soundness, accuracy, or legitimacy of: synonym: confirm First thing we need to do is make sure that our players are typing in the right kind of guesses.

First Programming Project Part I

When teaching some one to program, I’m often tempted to talk about things like functions, structs, interfaces, front end vs back end, databases, heap vs stack, etc. These are parts of programming, but they aren’t very fun to learn about outside of a useful context. Really, what I should be teaching is not “how to program” but “how to solve problems with software.” I’ve written lots of code, I’ve worked with so many different databases, caching layers, 3rd party libraries, UI frontends and various middlewares that I’ve forgotten how it started.

All I git

Here’s everything I know about git without having to google. It isn’t much. I type the following to edit the git config: $ git config --global checkout $ git config --global branch $ git config --global commit $ git config --global status Jeez, I had to google that. I couldn’t remember the --global flag. Anyway I was close so I’ll count it for the purposes of this post…