My Quest 2 Setup

I couldn’t wait to get my hands on the Quest 2 when it was announced. It seemed like a great piece of hardware for a decent price. The only thing I didn’t like was the strap that came with it. The Elite Battery Strap(EBS) promised more comofort and extended battery life. Added that to the shopping cart w/o thinking about it. Picked it up, switched out the stock strap with the EBS and off I went.

My Brain Map

This post includes links to things I pay for. There are no affiliate links. I get nothing if you buy them. This is simply a post about tools that I have found userful. I’ve made attempts at Mind/Brain maps years…maybe decades. On notebook paper, notecards, various diagramming-arrow-pointy software applications, etc. I have many areas of interest, which are mainly self containted but sometimes they cross over and that’s really cool when it happens(an old project around the NBA, data science and a statistics course I was taking comes to mind).

Initial Setup

Irritation. When I am confused for too long, or somebody nit-picks my pull request. Or when something takes much longer than I expected – which happens often. From Milosz Danczak Scaleway dropped my old blog server (after lots of warning, I just put it off) so I decided to resurrect and run it on Netlify. I’d set up a blog on netlify before and remembered it wasn’t much trouble, so thought I’d do it again.